Bike and Bake is a bicycle street food project, developed in 2015 by Michele Lucarelli in Copenhagen. It is a new way to think about street food combined with bicycles and quality food.

Our aim is to bring top-quality Italian specialties into the streets, gardens, and private parties. Love for organic food and for taste and texture, care for the environment, and respect for nature are the key themes for Bike and Bake.

We love to create the right atmosphere for you to enjoy every moment with a bite of happiness: birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, and business events can all be catered for.



Enjoy the atmosphere and the coziness of Bike and Bake. Take a look through some of the beautiful moments we have shared with our guests.

Bike and Bake - PIZZA

Pizza is now everywhere in Denmark. With his 2.5 square meter pizzeria, Michele brings his passion and love for food all over the country. An Italian style pizza with the best Danish ingredients makes Bike and Bake a unique pizza experience. The bicycle is equipped with a real wood-fired oven and is able to bake more than 100 pizzas in a day. Our dough is made with stone ground flours and our toppings will surprise your taste buds.


Køkkenhaven - CRESCIA

Køkkenhaven – the new little brother of Bike and Bake, specializes in Crescia, a typical food from Marche, a region in the heart of Italy. Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino is a unique recipe for flat bread from Urbino. It is the secret for a tasty and rich sandwich, that can’t be described but has to be tried!

Køkkenhaven brings a Mediterranean atmosphere with its lush garden built into the bike, – able to feed children and adults with yummy Crescia – a taste of an Italian local recipe now in Copenhagen!


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Hire Us!

Hire us for Festivals, private events such as birthday parties or weddings and receptions of all sizes for businesses… Bike and Bake is able to provide an authentic taste of Italian street food with a professional touch: Pizza, Crescia, charcuterie and cheese plate, bruschetta and much more.

We are a co-founder of the Foodie Bikes association, created with 8 of our friends from the street food scene in Denmark, preparing and selling our food on bicycles. No noisy engines, no petrol, no huge trucks, just small, customized unique bicycles and we can pedal our food to wherever you are! If you have a bigger event we can bring some of our friends from Foodie Bikes along to provide variety and create a unique atmosphere.